Sugar Coated Houses

As I told you before we had – on the first day of our excursion – a guided tour trough the small city of Eichstätt which has an even higher students vs. population rate than our beloved Marburg!

The late baroque architecture instantly made me think of Jules and I decided to take some photos of these sugary buildings… don’t they look like something that could decorate the showcase of an old-fashioned pâtisserie?

The next two pictures belong to a great street art project where the artist covered an old house in over 5000 water-proof paper butterflies.

The only protestant church in town... (but the most beautiful. Hah!)
The wonderful roses that belong to the church above
Another look into the church garden
The protestant parsonage - maybe my favourite building in this town

I loved the combination of mint green and the warm golden tones in the decorations, plus it had a adorable garden, stair and wasn’t overly sugary.

This place was really great, all surrounded by those wonderful buildings. One of them is the building of a catholic girls school and I think it would make a great location for a 1880s to 1920s film on a gang of girls at this school…


2 thoughts on “Sugar Coated Houses

  1. So many beautiful houses. Must be breathtaking to walk along.
    I’m totally in love with the butterflies! This artist must be a mastermind. It looks so cute and dreamy and at the same time fragile and creepy. Do you know how long this installation will be exopsed?

    1. I don’t know how long the butterflies will stay, but I think it will be a while, though. ^^

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