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Yes, I’m pretty hooked up with those tagging questions lately, but anyway. Tilliel allowed me to be tagged, so here we go:

1. Do you play an instrument? Yes. My father is a musician, so it was quite natural for me to learn to play an instrument. I decided to go for the piano after my grandmother had already taught me to play the recorder and kept it for four years. Then I went to a grammar school with a specialisation on fine arts where we had to learn an instrument each, and I took up the concert flute. I had lessons for six years until I left that school. Plus, I’m an autodidact with the accordion.
2. Gramophone record, CD or MP3? Gramophone record, of course. ^^
3. Who is your childhood hero? Pippi Longstocking, Grace O’Malley, Klaus Störtebeker and Caoilte Longfoot from the Irish fairy tale of the same name.
4. Are you able to cook or bake? Yes, quite well (I’ve been told), but not so much during the last months as the Scoundrel and I have an agreement that he’s more a spring and summer’s and I’m an autumn and winter’s cook, so it will be my turn when the leaves turn red.
5. What was your childhood dream job? Knight or tightrope walker, later archaeologist or book author.
6. Your favourite book? Life on Seacrow Island by Astrid Lindgren.
7. Are you doing sports? Yes, both martial arts, both quite unknown outside France: Canne de Combat and Savate.
8. Have you got any pets? No, but when I was younger I had a rabbit, black and white, with a mane like Beethoven and four wonderful guinea pigs. They all hat quite unique characters and got very old for their species. Now Bambi has two rabbits, Kajal and Abigail, who are really cute, too.

If I got this right I’ve got to come up with eight questions by myself and tag several people… right?

Here are the questions:

  1. What’s your favourite fairy tale?
  2. Have you ever been on stage? Theatrical or musical?
  3. If you could have choosen your own first name, what would it be?
  4. Water, fire, earth, air: In which order are they in your person, most present first?
  5. What’s your favourite drink in this hot summer?
  6. What’s your favourite ice cream flavour?
  7. Three favourite words (any language)?
  8. If you found a treasure chest, what would it contain?

And I’ll tag…

Lilibeth from Princess for a Day

Jules from Crown Flower’s Garden

waldspinn from Haselhexenhaus and

La Forcenée

…Luna (I don’t know your blog URL anymore but I trust that you’ll read this)

(My answers to my own questions can be found in the first comment, by the way. ^^)


3 thoughts on “Tagged by Tilliel

  1. My own answers. Just for the case that someone is interested…

    1. Probably “The Beauty and the Beast”. But “Sleeping Beauty” and “Little Red Riding Hood” are favorites of mine, too.
    2. Yes, both. I even met one of my best friends, Jules, at the drama club! Plus, I’ve been in the school choir for six years.
    3. Who’d come up with a stupid question like this? Me? Oh. I’d go with Molly, as a diminutive of Móirín/ Moreen or even Morrigan.
    4. Earth, fire, water, air.
    5. Ginger ale and “Eight Treasures of The Shaolin” green tea.
    6. Chocolate.
    7. Nendrum, Otter, hare.
    8. Meters of dupion silk and craft materials and maybe a stuffed animal. A nicely shaped bottle of ginger ale, some books and a marble cake.

  2. Don’t know of this is against the rules. But I’m very curious about your answers to these questions (ok the first I already know):

    1. What is your favourite flower?
    2. What is the first thing you get rid of when you come home?
    3. Have you ever read a book more than twice? How often exactly?
    4. If movies were real in which you would like to take part in?
    5. Do you have anything like a talisman you always keep with you?
    6. What is the silliest purchase you ever made?
    7. What is your favourite style/music of/for dancing?
    8. What is your favourite gateau?

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