More Taggings

Today I wrote my first exam for this summer – old Irish. I think even if it’s not too well, I should pass.
Here we go with even more questions. I wasn’t really tagged but took the liberty to answer (and translate) questions that I found interesting.

The first eight questions are from Miss Daisy.

  1. Which memory from your childhood was/ is especially formative to you? Watching animals at the sandy place on the way through the heathland around the hill and heating stones on small fires to roast beechnuts.
  2. If you could switch a day with anybody, who’d it be? A medieval Irish princess. I’d finally get a grip on the real pronunciation of old Irish and the clothes look great, too. ^^
  3. Imagine you’d had to change your life completely from one day to the other. What would you do and where’d you go? To Wales, breeding sheep and illustrate fantasy books in a little cottage or restoring old furniture.
  4. What’s the first thing that comes to your mind with “red”? Blood and silk.
  5. Are you a car driver? If yes, what kind of? Nope.
  6. What was your favourite subject at school? That’s a quite popular question, isn’t it? Free Arts, this time.
  7. Do you remember your first concert? T’was Wild Silk, a now broken Celtic Folk band when I was eight or nine, my mother took me along. It’s not as I had any objections, then. ^^
  8. How does your perfect day look like? Stuffed with books, Paisley linen, dupion silk and marble cake upon mossy beds and lace nests with the taste of autumnal rays of sun between oak leaves on my tongue.

The second eight questions are from LaForcenée who was so kind to answer mine…

  1. What’s your favourite tree? Hard to tell, mostly those I can climb on. Probably oaks due to their structure, their meaning in celtic cultures and literature and their fruit. I like acorns. ^^
  2. What would you like to be able to even though it’s impossible? Either I’d like to shrink at will (and grow again, sure) to the size of a borrower or to be a real witch – not with a broom but an oversize riding hog or weasel or something like that which actually is a small toy or statuette that comes alive by a spell.
  3. What’s the thing you’re most looking forward to when you come home from university? That depends, but most of the time it’s food. ^^
  4. Which things that you get looked at awkwardly sometimes by others do you do? Spinning in the tube, singing show tunes on railway platforms and giving lectures on children’s literature in a very fast tongue.
  5. In which piece of clothing would you be quite uncomfortable? Nearly everything made from unnatural fabrics. Probably a very tight and very short latex mini skirt.
  6. Where or in which situations do you feel most at home? While sitting on one of the trees at the riverbanks beneath the weir, reading, letting the sunbeams tremble on my feet that dangle in the water. Or being curled up in my old armchair, reading Jane Austen novels or embroidering, sipping tea that’s constantly being warmed on the stoveling (I couldn’t find the exact word so I made one up) and watching the raindrops outside the window from time to time.
  7. Three things you always carry around though you don’t really need them? A small piece of copper, a mini wind-up flashlight and a smoky icosahedron die with white numbers.
  8. Three attributes you’re often described through by others? Skilful, especially with my hands, stubborn, otter.

2 thoughts on “More Taggings

  1. Oh, es scheint mir als hätte irgend jemand vor geraumer Zeit eine riesige Tag-Welle losgetreten, überall liest man nur noch Fragen und Antworten. :D
    Aber es ist irgendwie nett, dieses gegenseitige Kennenlernen, und es gibt einem ein gutes Gefühl diese Fragen zu beantworten, manchmal mehr für sich selbst als für andere, nicht war?
    Es freut mich, dass du auf meine freie Taging-Einladung geantwortet hast :)

    Liebe Grüße!

    P.S.: Ich hoffe ich habe dich letztens mit meiner ewig langen Antwort bei NuS nicht erschlagen. ;)

    1. Die Fragen in Tags sind manchmal einfach zu interessant, als dass ich nicht darüber nachdenken würde, und dann kann ich sie ebensogut in meinen Blog schreiben.
      Nein, nein, du hast mich mit deiner PN nicht erschlagen, bei mir sind nur auch für nächsten Montag die letzten drei Klausuren des Semesters angesetzt… ich antworte so bald wie möglich.

      Liebe Grüße,
      Das Honigkind

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