Castle Johannisburg – Celts at The River

This post will be the last part of my excursion series, this time concerning the exhibition in Aschaffenburg’s Castle Johannisburg. It’s just too hot for a longer introduction,

I’ve got no special plan for the order of the pictures this time, so I’ll just start with this small (really small, just about two inches in length) knife. I like the design very much, would be great for a kitchen knife, too, I think.

May I see this as the sign that Steampunk was also en vogue with the Celts?

No Asterix style winged helmets here, sorry! But aren’t the borders nice and fine? I think an embroidery that looks like this would make an excellent decoration at any medieval or celtic inspired dress.

I’m a girl and as we all know, girls like pretty things so I’ll turn over now to show you the more decorative things from the exhibition.

First of all, a pair of mirrors. Actually, the right one is obviously a replica, but at least it works.

Remember the belt chain parts from Manching? This is a whole of these chains, not as decorative as the other one but still as impressing. I think a celtic girl was able to kill wild animals (or annoying stalkers) with her jewelry, then.

Four warrior torcs and a wild boars’s tooth pendant, maybe a battle talisman.

A skilfully decorated brooch resembling an animal with typical La Tène ornaments.

And last but not least the most impressive piece from the collection, a gold ring with a triskelion and highly filigrane ornaments, a real piece of art. Plus, it makes nice shadows. ^^

These are not all the photos I took in the exhibition, only the ones that came out best and most interesting for non-Celticists. The other exhibits from Johannisburg Castle will be show in another post when I finally returned with Jules to visit the museum only for the baroque furniture, exquisite porcellain, corc models and the great gallery.


Any thoughts?

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