On Fabricish Concerns

How can it be that I think of three days of not posting anything here as a very long time? I mean, there are blogs out there that don’t get any updates in months! However, to becalm my conscience, here is an update concerning my achieving in fabric relations during the last month, although it might not be that much.

First of all, I bought some fabric at our local warehouse from the ‘on sale’ table, four metres to be precise, in a lovely light grey, originally to make a skirt for Jules’ graduation party from it. But as I fell ill again and therefore improvised instead, the fabric remained at the top of my closet. But then an idea came to me and took form: This fabric would make an incredibly great Steampunk outfit! I’m at the design at the moment, so I’ll have something to show you quite soon.

Second, I finally started to sew some covers for my cushions I got for Christmas. The theme is Fairy Tales and after a quite long process (at least long for me) I decided to go for Jack and The Beanstalk x Jack the Giant Killer and Snow White and Rose Red. As my darling sewing machine has a defect at the moment I had to sew by hand and only managed to begin the backsides (they’re not decorated yet). But now that I know both the tales I want to bring in I’m finally able to make the fronts, too!

And at last, I bought a shawl yesterday. At the village fair there was a stall with beautifully printed draperies and shawls. I simply had to buy one but the decision was a hard one. Finally I got me a square metre of floral cloth with a bright red border in shades of rust, ochre, sand and leaf green with a great Indian inspired pattern that I’m pretty happy with.

By the way, yesterday was my last day of exams for the first year at university! Plus, after weeks of immane heat, it started raining again yesterday evening. It’s not a cloudburst anymore but has become a faint but constant shower that is hardly to notice through the windows which I kept open all night this time, soaking in the fresh air that we all craved for so long.


Any thoughts?

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