10 Pleasures in July

  1. Ginger Ale. The slight sparkling when you pour it in your glass, the smell that is only a foretaste of its actual flavour… especially with crushed ice.
  2. Mika. I like the duality of his songs, great, feet-moving melodies with nearly morbid lyrics and a hint of disco somewhere behind the velvet curtains. Great for the summer.
  3. Kurt. No, not Kurt Hummel from Glee, but the plant I brought home with me from the field trip last month. I still don’t know what in particular he is, but maybe one of my darling readers can tell me?
  4. Cherry Tomatoes. Great with mozzarella, basil and litres of balsamic vinegar. Nom.
  5. MariMite aka. Maria-Sama Ga Miteru, an anime about a group of pupils – the “Roses” – at a catholic girls school with a nice hint on romantic friendships that go a little further…
  6. Wind. It’s really precious these days, carrying away the hot, sticky summer air to bring a fresher one.
  7. Wasabi Nuts. Contain wasabi. Do I need another reason?
  8. New Glasses. I finally ordered some after about two years of living with contacts only! They’re oval, wire rimmed with the colour of a graphite pencil, and I’m definitely looking forward to get them.
  9. Dragon Boat Races. Our Ivory Tower took part in the one at the village fair last weekend, dressed up as druids and bards. We won neither the race nor the costume competition, but it was great fun, though. Plus, the water was pretty cooling. ^^
  10. Jostaberries, a crossbreed of blackcurrant and gooseberry that grow in my garden. I’ve already harvested about two pounds of them for a cake and syrup, and there’s even more to come!

2 thoughts on “10 Pleasures in July

    1. Super, dankeschön! Leider geht’s ihm grade nicht so gut, ich hoffe, er erholt sich nochmal…

      Liebe Grüße,

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