Tagged Again

This time by the lovely Lilibeth.

1.What is your favourite flower? The wild rose. I love the scent, the colour, the fruit
2. What is the first thing you get rid of when you come home? Probably my backpack.
3. Have you ever read a book more than twice? How often exactly? Oh. I don’t know anymore, but there are books I’ve read about four to six times. Life on Seacrow Island is one of them.
4. If movies were real in which you would like to take part in? Maybe an adaption of a Jane Austen novel or Anne of Green Gables… or a historical inspired film with lavish costumes.
5. Do you have anything like a talisman you always keep with you? I guess the amber that looks like a honeydrop around my neck counts…
6. What is the silliest purchase you ever made? Oh, I really don’t know. Maybe that jacket that I wanted to alter later (which I didn’t, obviously). At least it was on sale. ^^
7. What is your favourite style/music of/for  dancing? That’s a hard one. I like dancing as a whole, so it’s pretty much every music I can dance to.
8. What is your favourite gateau? Marble cake doesn’t really count, does it? I think it would be something with amounts of chocolate and several soft, spongy layers.

This time I won’t tag anybody else. I think there’s been enough tagging lately here.


Any thoughts?

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