Festival Preparation

As we’re at the middle of July again I think it’s time to write something about one of my personal highlights of the summer during the last four years: Festivals.

I’ve started going to festivals at the age of sixteen what was quite sensible when I look back on it. I don’t think very highly of dragging people to festivals when they aren’t even allowed to stay out after midnight if you follow the law strictly.

This year I’m going to visit Veldenstein Castle for my summer entertainment, mostly for the sake of the ever-genius Coppelius. The other bands are either good enough to dance to or ignorable – one needs a little rest from time to time, even if it’s only a one-day festival. Although I like whole-weekend festivals a lot, one-days are incomparably less stressful. You can take your time to arrive on friday without the schedule of the first concert chasing you and your companions, set up camp with more care when it comes to choosing the place on the campground, enjoy the concerts on saturday and sleep as long as you want until you decide to drive home on sunday.

The most important things to plan for festivals are these:

  • Packing space: As for us, we’re going by Bambi’s car which is pretty small (and canary yellow ^^). “Us” refers to Bambi, Jules, the Scoundrel and obviously me. The equation goes as follows: 1 very small car : 4 people x 4 days = Tetris. One of the most sensible things is to open up the sleeping bags and camping mats, place them on the back seat and let the ones who sit in the back settle on a way more luxurious seat. Another one is to place the smallest person on the co-drivers seat. In our case, that’s me. When I’m putting my feet on the seat during the ride the leg room can be stuffed with luggage.
  • Food and drink: Well, the first and foremost is something else than ravioli or at least not only ravioli. Don’t get me wrong, I love ravioli, but living on them for three days for breakfast, lunch and dinner is simply too much. Things like cereals and UHT milk, some fruit and other canned things than ravioli can add a little luxury to the trip. Bonus points if you really get to cook something not entirely made of tinned food!
  • Outfits and clothes: There is a way to look good, handsome, cute, pretty and entirely awesome on a festival without taking your whole wardrobe with you or ruining your best pieces. I’ll devote a whole post on this next week introducing my own festival outfits for this year. Just keep in mind that thing should be practical, pockets might be a good idea, you’ll most probably need a smaller bag than a giant backpack to carry with you on the festival ground and you will also most probably dance, so leave your high heels and ballerina slippers (they fall off!) at home.

These are my personal basics for a good festival. Of course the music to be played on the car ride is important, too, but as you’re going to the same music festival it’s mostly expected for you to like the same kind of music, isn’t it? And don’t forget to settle who’s sleeping in which tent and who’s to bring which things.

And don’t forget the bottle opener.


Any thoughts?

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