A Beginning and An End

… And something that goes on.

The beginning is of the time with my new glasses. Finally I got them and it’s way more comfortable to be able to choose between contacts and glasses than to wear contacts only. Furthermore I tend to nod off when watching moving pictures late at night, and it’s not too healthy to do that with small pieces of plastic in your eyes…

I found it hard to get an exemplar that would suit me – my old glasses (which broke into pieces about two years ago) had been nearly perfectly circular, just like Harry Potter’s. But as you can see, I’m quite happy with the oval shape that was the roundest I could get. ^^

The end is the one of our recent roleplay adventure. Today we had the last session in the city of Angbar during dubious events involving one of the aldermen and a manufactory. It all went out well of course, with each of us coming out of the city decked with honour, gratitude and more money than before. Now Tanwen will rest until – estimated – October, but another adventure will come, this time in the world of Grim(m) fairy tales! But most probably not sooner than the second half of August… we’ll see.

And the thing that going on is perhaps the most serious matter in this post. In short, I relapsed, kind of, to the disease I had during the spring. I had to go back on taking antibiotics, but gladly I recognized it soon enough this time so I was able to get to the emergency service about 24 hours after the first sign of illness so I’m definitely doing quite good for the circumstances. The thing that bothers me most is that I’ve got to change some things if I don’t want it to become chronic. It’s nothing too hard, but I miss just the possibility of eating as much sweets and meat as I want. Well, I’ll get used to it. :)

And there, my little update for today will end as I’m supposed to stencil at least four t-shirts until Thursday.


4 thoughts on “A Beginning and An End

  1. I like your new glasses. A pity though that the Harry Potter ones have broken.
    And sorry to hear about the antibiotics, hope you’re doing better now!

    1. Thanks! ^^
      I’m quite well, and albeit I dislike even the thought of antibiotics they are there for a reason. I just want to get rid of the whole stuff, so it’s okay.

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