Back Without Pictures

Oh well, no, I didn’t manage to write something about my festival wardrobe. Which means that I’ll have to plan a little sooner next year. But there are no photos of my outfit or me in general, anyway, which results from the fact that I was the only one in our group to bring a camera. There aren’t any pictures of the bands, too, which is caused by the fact that I’m quite small compared with all those people who stood in front of me… you know what I mean.

The Veldenstein Castle festival itself was great, my personal highlights being ASP and, as always and expected, my beloved Coppelius. I got sunburned although it rained all Friday to Saturday morning and then the sky was covered with clouds and the evening was really, really chilly. The scoundrel was so nice to cook for us (we’ve got a deal that he’s to cook in spring and summer and I’m to be the kitchen fairy in autumn and winter) and hot, good food is worth a lot in cold, damp July nights.

As for my highlight bands, here’s a short summary:

ASP, being the head liner of the evening, started playing at 10 P.M. and as soon as we had found us a nice place on the green quite in the back of the festival ground but still in sight of the stage, Jules diffused into the crowd after we told him that ASP are quite electronic. ^^ Well, our place was well-chosen as we had more space than anyone right in front of the stage for dancing, and without space, dancing isn’t half as much fun… Bambi didn’t dance, though, as he’s pretty convinced that “nobody wants to see that, anyway” so he got our supply bag and wandered though the masses during the concert. I think my favourite song of the evening was Krabat, and it was really, really sweet of ASP to play a tribute to Dio at the end.

Coppelius, as my favourite band, were great as they were supposed to be. They introduced some songs from their upcoming album of which I especially liked the one about Bastille’s life as a butler. Bastille quite surprised the audience by *gasp* undressing on stage (he kept his underwear on, by the way), which didn’t  have any effect on his splendid performance, though. The other gentlemen were great, too, of course, especially when the eternal conflict between Max Copella and Le Comte Caspar had some moments on stage during some songs. Even Graf Lindorf was involved, and only Sissy Voss kept his stiff upper lip. For Nobusama joined the “Undress!”-chorus for his butler… ^^ The Scoundrel had never heard them before, at least not being aware of it but he had a quite good time, too, I dare say.

When we came home last night – after a stopover in Aschaffenburg again, after which my mother kindly decided to drive us to the Frankfurt central train station as “it would have been quite a Oddyssee otherwise” (her own words) – the Scoundrel headed home for a little rest while I took a nice, hot bath with lotus bathing salt and Anne of Green Gables – The Sequel until my beloved returned to make a wonderful dinner out of the leftover from the weekend.

And now, after I told you about the past three days, I’ve got to hurry up with my breakfast as my first Breton lesson starts at 9 A.M..


Any thoughts?

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