Top Hat Plans and Fairy Shirts

As I said before there are no pictures of me during the weekend I could show you. But what I can show you are pictures of Bambi and Jules and the shirt I made for the latter.

Bambi, spending the weekend pirately. Arrr.

During the festival, Jules and the Scoundrel came up with the idea of top hats with drawers – and instantly looked at me. Being seen as someone who is able to craft about everything is really flattering sometimes. ^^
Somehow, I liked the idea, and as I wanted to sew a felt top hat for myself this late summer anyway, I’ll surely try.

Jules is in sepia for a reason. First of all, he wore his justaucorps, which nearly forces me to use an effect on the picture, and second, the turquoise of his shirt didn’t match the blue of the jacket in my opinion (but I’m not very fond of turquoise at all). I think the picture shows Jules exalted and flamboyant demeanour pretty well. He’s definitely more laid-back than four years ago.

On the festival day itself – Saturday – he wore not shadows but black shorts, a white shirt, combat boots, the justaucorps and a t-shirt I made for him. It’s somewhat like a coming-out on fabric, and he loved it although I really had to hurry to finish the stencil to the date.

Picture taken by Jules

It’s silver on a white base with pink corners and accents, glittery spots-on-purpose-to-make-it-look-artistic and bright raspberry coloured wings with extra glitter. I really like the symbolism the shirt bears, but that’s a hobby of mine, anyway. Light the way out of the closet with a paper lantern of fairy festivities, ring the bells for radical self-love and announcement of a new era of your life and turn to break new ground!

I also made a top for myself but as it is part of a series I don’t want to show you until the whole project is finished.


Any thoughts?

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