Intermezzo: I’m A Fangirl

Well, at least sometimes, and at least concerning one special band.

Coppelius, who might have thought of that.

And due to this fact I simply had finally to get a fan shirt at the last concert. Actually, I thought my band shirt days were done – I wore the last one when I was still at my old grammar school back in 2006 or 07. But as Coppelius isn’t just any metal band with slaying heros as a motif, here I go again.

Quiet Please!

The shirt refers to Bastille’s sign for the audience.

Applause - A little blurry, I fear.

It even worked on the camp ground while I was packing at Sunday morning: Every time I turned around, our neighbors began to applaud. ^^

And finally I go myself another patch and more buttons – buttons, for you can never have enough of them (at least when they look quite well), and another patch as I couldn’t decide where to put the first one as I can’t patch it somewhere else, then… If you know what I mean.

One will land on the lest arm of my upcoming parkacorps (I’ll explain that another day) and the other one… I still don’t have a clue. ^^


One thought on “Intermezzo: I’m A Fangirl

  1. uuuuh, I like the “Schnörksel”

    And I think I really have to start looking for some Coppelius-musik. ‘Waldspinn’ showed me some song, but I really haven´t had the time to search for more.

    Shame on me.

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