Book Shelves and Witch Corners

I recently started to get my room more uncluttered. Which is pretty difficult as I’m a real pack rat and – even worse – a crafter. But I begin to succeed, at least a little bit! My two main achivements are the following two, and I hope there are some more to come, soon.

At first, there’s my new, small book shelf that has its place at the wall over my arm-chair. It once was an old drawer in which my grandparents used to keep some of the tools, but my grandmother kindly gave it to me that I could bring it to new glory while holding some of my favourite books and tea cups. The green bottle by the way is something that I found when I still lived at my father’s flat while the attic was made into another dwelling place. They had to open my room’s wall and there I found this bottle which stood there for over fifty years – I could identify the date with a small scrap of newspaper that I found in the wall too, presumably, like the bottle, left there during the last construction works in the house – that is pretty old – after the war.

I call the second “new” space in my chamber the “witches brew corner” for lack of a better name. It contains my dried herbs, rose leaves and other tea ingredients, some teacups, Koboldfeuer (that’s a wild rose wine sold at Renaissance fairs), self-made peppermint mead, the wild rose rock sugar Madmoiselle Merveille made for me in the tea swap at Natron & Soda and several mortar and pestle sets.


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