Fervent Fermenters

Two days ago, after a visit at home, the Scoundrel brought me a preserving jar with something that looks like a pickled pancake in vinegar.

Actually, it was a Kombucha culture.

Kombucha – for those of you that don’t know – is a kind of yeast fungus that “feeds” on tea with sugar while fermenting the brew into a healthy and refreshing drink. The Scoundrel predicts that someday it will jump out of its jar and eat us all, but I don’t think so. ^^

For this first time I made brews of

  • Black tea with Tigerente (that’s a “character” from German children’s books) herbal tea
  • Black tea with peppermint tea
  • Black tea with raspberry and strawberry tea
  • Flavoured green tea by the name “Chinese Love Dream” (that tastes really good, by the way)
  • Flavoured green tea that’s called “The Eight Treasures of Shaolin”

I’m really curious about the results!

There’s my witches’ brew for the moment, five jars, about three litres of tea and not even half the original mushroom I got from the Scoundrel’s mother. That’s another great thing about Kombucha: you don’t need much of it as it will always grow on and on, producing new layers that you can “harvest” for new fluids. The first harvest will presumably be in a week or so – I’ll surely keep you up to date.


2 thoughts on “Fervent Fermenters

  1. Weee, Kombucha! Ich habe schon so oft überlegt, ob ich mir mal einen kaufen soll, aber eBay ist mir bei Nahrungsmitteln dann doch etwas zu suspekt und ansonsten fiel mir nichts ein.
    Darf ich mir bei Gelegenheit eine Scheibe von dir abschneiden? :)

    1. Klar darfst du! Noch ist er nicht wirklich gewachsen, aber in ungefähr einer Woche dürfte was da sein…

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