Bloomers and Bites

Neck bites, to be precise.

Yesterday I finished sewing my first pair of bloomers.

I made them mainly for the Steampunk LARP that’s finally coming up in a month, but also to proceed a little bit with my attempts with Lolita. I’m awfully nervous about the con and today I’ll start sewing my real dress.

The bites are from an aspiring young opera singer named Mona, leading Lady of A Vampyre Story. That’s a point-and-click adventure concentrating on Mona’s try to escape the castle she’s hold captive in by an awful, stupid Vampire named Shrowdy. She’s accompanied by a bat named Froderick who’s never too tired to give a comment.

Mona and Froderick in the castle kitchen together with Pyewacket the Cat.

The design is really great. I’ve got to admit that this is the first thing I look for at a new game, just followed by the story. Presumeably that’s the reason why I love point-and-click so much. At some parts the game is really tricky, but it’s fun, anyway.

Tomorrow I’m going to visit Lilibeth! I’m incredibly excited, not only because I get to see her again but also ’cause he’s going to have her birthday party on Saturday. Her theme – A Midsummer Night’s Dream – will be opulent, great and lovely at the same time and you can bet that I’m going to take some pictures.

So, have a lovely time! I’m going to bed now, there is a huge load of work waiting for me tomorrow due to the con and I didn’t any packing either for my trip to Lilibeth.

Good night!


2 thoughts on “Bloomers and Bites

    1. Die Karikaturen sind süß. :)
      Ja, das mit dem Foto ärgert mich auch ein bisschen, aber es war einfach sonst niemand zum Knipsen da…

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