The Peacock Queen’s Masked Ball

Yesterday in the afternoon I returned from the more southern parts of the country where I visited Lilibeth for her birthday party, which was simply splendid!

I arrived at Heidelberg central railway station in the late afternoon on Friday to help a little with the preparations as the party was to be celebrated on Saturday evening. Lilibeth was the sweetest host ever with just the theme being great: A Masked Midsummer Night’s Dream, inspired – if I recall it right – by Were the World Mine a little.

On Saturday night her garden was decorated in the fanciest way with balloons, garlands of light and sheer shimmering fabrics everywhere, the small stream at the pond with the goldfish and koi murmuring and torches lighting the way though a red curtain into the fairy realm. Dinner was also fantastic – colourful pasta and rice with wild salmon, fluff pastry in green and red and fresh, exotic fruit suiting to feed an elven king.

Everyone exerted themselves for the costumes and it was a splendid sight to view all those well-dressed people wearing the great masks Lilibeth made before.

My mask was the only black one, but as a kind of Puck the all black costume was well-chosen – I loved playing the fairy butler.

As for the title I’ve got to show you a picture of Lilibeth’s costume which was simply awesome:

(And I think everyone knows now that I love to play with Photoshop…)

She also did a great tribal dance – it’s amazing how a body can move – for her guests, even including fire.

Improvised toilet paper torch. It worked really good, though.

I also met some other fairies from the Natron & Soda community at the party. Ladies and gentleman, it was a great pleasure!

From left to right: Vampire Gherkin (aka. knaxgurke), Gruftmuffel, me and Djendja (aren't his horns great?)

I had to add some sort of title to this, it looked too much like a comic front page.

As you can see, my outfit wasn’t to flattering for my legs, but I still love that dress, anyway. The picture above was taken through dinner were I shared a table with some of Lilibeth’s tribal dancing and laboratory colleagues.

Once again the fairy flock, with our beloved queen.

The party continued deep into the night with dancing around the burning torches, the tinkling of fairy jewellery and jolly conversations, but afterwards we fell into bed like dead. I guess that’s just like to case of the dancing princess with the worn out shoes. ^^

There were more masks than guests on the party, so Lilibeth gave me some for Jules and the Scoundrel (he mentioned which of the masks he liked best, before, when I showed them to him at Natron & Soda), too (they were awfully happy, thank you, darling!):

One for Jules...
... And one for the Scoundrel.

Jules and I even decided to use the masks as decoration items for the Steampunk con! But now there’s everything told about the party and I’ll surely tell you about the rest of my journey to south in another post.


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