A Visit Southern

Well, as you could read from the Peacock Queen post, I visited Lilibeth last week. She lives near Heidelberg with her parents, her younger brother and her dog in a quiet village that’s  not too far from a Rhine island where we took a walk on Sunday.

Their house is full of self made clay things, dragons and gnomes, spheres and pyramids and they have a garden so tidy and neat that I’m sure I’ll never see such a thing so perfectly done again. The first notice I got about the garden was that I was offered lovely sweet cherry tomatoes when I stepped though the door. But one thing that is really impressive is the bed full of hibiscus plants, all fully abloom.

But I think the thing I liked most was the pond with a school of gold-fish and koi. They came to nibble at my fingers with their toothless mouths whenever I put my hand in the cool green water. And they’re so incredibly cute, too!

Lilibeth’s bedchamber lies right under the roof and is really lovely with a great ceiling fan lamp and a comfortable bed where I was kindly allowed to rest in, too, during my stay.

A wonderful habit of Lilibeth’s family is to have breakfast all together at the patio with fresh rolls and delicious cheese and cold meat from the Italian grocery.

The arbour/ veranda, completely covered in wine and grapes.

I arrived on Friday by train. There’s one that goes all the way from Marburg to Heidelberg in two hours that I took, and Lilibeth picked me up with her mother’s car at the station. We spent the rest of the day on the veranda where we had mozzarella-and-tomato salad for dinner and then went upstairs to watch Anne of Green Gables – The Sequel, but we didn’t even get through the first DVD. We planned to watch the rest on Saturday or Sunday, but it wasn’t to happen so I left the film at Lilibeth’s for her to watch. I know it by heart, anyway. ^^

Saturday went by with preparations for the party and the party itself and I found it quite admirable how much effort Lilibeth and her parents put into it. But it was worth it, definitely.

On sunday we took a short walk at Lilibeth’s kingdom – the Rhine island – together with Cedric the German Shepherd Dog. They had adorable wild pigs and I would have stayed at their enclosure much longer, but Cedric didn’t get along well with them.

Sadly we had not so much time as I had to catch a train but maybe there’ll be a sequel of this visit with more time to wander about and a little more sightseeing, too.


One thought on “A Visit Southern

  1. I had no idea what impression our garden gave to you. But I’ll pass your praises to my parents as for gardening they have green thumbs and will be very happy to hear it.

    I’d absolutely agree with you: breakfast on the veranda is one of the best habits of my family.

    At first I was quite disappointed that we hadn’t much time to spend together and there are so many things I couldn’t show you.
    But then it is a wonderful thing I have activities to entertain you at least for two weaks. Thus your future visitis will be full of new adventures and for myself it is fascinating to see these familiar things and places from your point of view.

    Thank you for this heart warming entry!

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