Honoria – Outfit Progress

As you may know from several of my posts, I’m planning a Steampunk LARP at the moment. Though I am going to be a game master and organiser, I’m sure that I can be of as much use when I’m wearing a nice costume and am playing, too. I tried that on several fantasy LARPs before so I know it will work.
On this con now I’m going to play my Honoria – you remember her? Originally I wanted to wear the skirt of my graduation dress with a new dress sewn from the same fabric, but then I stumbled upon that great fabric and there it went – a new idea came over me.

As the fabric is grey, I needed an additional colour to match Honoria’s character. I thought about green, which was too military in combination with grey (maybe I’ll hark back to it one day, though), I though about dark red, which wasn’t romantic and innocent enough for Honoria, I thought about purple after Glittermuffin suggested it but it would have made the outfit too cold in colour and so I finally ended up with old rose.

I even made a colour chart for the costume:

But now I think you want to see the design itself, don’t you?

I still need a scanner.

The mitaines are supposed to resemble long evening gloves and the oval shape at the middle of the bodice will be an embroidery I dreamed of for over a year from a pattern from Inspirations #61.

As for the material I found the grey basic fabric at the local warehouse this early summer and bought several meters of it. When I had found my second (and third) colour I knew that finding such a fabric would be really, really difficult so I went to one of the Swedish colonies (aka. Little Sweden aka. IKEA) to get some white and red striped fabric – “some” means three meters. Next weekend I’ll go to a small haberdashery I know in Aschaffenburg together with Jules to get the lace and buttons I’ll need. Plus, I’m going to get a bottle of fabric dye to get that certain shade of rose.

I’ve also got a plan concerning the jewelry as I happened to stumble across the perfect decoration when I was hunting down material for some other con-related projects and now it all is in the skillful hands of the Imp who is going to get me a part of the thing I can’t make on my own, hopefully until the end of next week.


Any thoughts?

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