10 Things I Love in August

Well, basically it’s still 10 Pleasures but by another name. I simply had to change it as I would have found it weird to have two posts of the same title.

  1. Puff Pastry. We had several recipes for dinner using that folded delight during the last weeks. I love the look of the dough when it comes right from the oven, the warm colour of wood on the top, fading into a great buttery gold for the rest.
  2. They Might Be Giants. I love the nerd factor in their songs. The Mesopotamians, Ana Ng and Birdhouse in Your Soul (a piece of music that has been used at Pushing Daisies, too!) are my favourites.
  3. Mushrooms. They make a great alternative for meat! I’m no vegetarian neither am I planning to become one, but I’m trying to lower my consume a bit at the moment and buy only organic meat – which is not too easy with the budget of a student. Anyway, shrooms are tasty, too.
  4. Our new Bathroom Rugs. From Little Sweden. Our old ones were horrible plastic things that were utterly useless. When we went to the Swedish colony we came across a heap of vivid-coloured rugs and had to take some with us – one in teal and one in orange. I’m delighted every time I step on them now. ^^
  5. Lightbulbs. The old-fashioned ones. I like the shape and the light, and as I had to work with them for the Steampunk con it came to my mind again. Maybe the small ones that you use for doll houses would make nice pendants, to…
  6. Picking Blackberries. They don’t even taste so perfectly well when you don’t eat them right from the hedge as they’re not sun-warmed then. But either way, they are great.
  7. Clearing Out. I did so with another couple of boxes and a closet at the weekend. It’s really making me feel a little bit lightened.
  8. The Smell of Dusty Wood. I recognized that when I arrived at the train station last Thursday where you have to go though a long corridor or rough wood as it’s a little bit of a long time building lot.
  9. Rabbits. Especially the two I live with at the moment. With the boys wandering all around the world (Bambi’s gone to Norway to pick up his sister, the Satyr is going wherever he likes, and I don’t know where that is at the moment) I’m fully responsible for this fluffy little creatures. And it will be a sad day when Bambi will return them to his sister.
  10. Honey Bonbons. My mother got me an old-fashioned cornet of them at the medieval fair yesterday and they are exactly the right thing for my sore throat at the moment. :)

Any thoughts?

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