Worn-Out Gold And Roseleaf Hues

At the weekend I went to my favourite haberdashery together with Jules to get some lace and buttons for Honoria’s outfit. Finally, I had to buy some other buttons yesterday again, but the shopping was definitely worth it – surely I’ll find another purpose for the spare ones.

The quarry is as follows:

  1. A group picture. I love how the colours of the things match though it is complete coincidence!
  2. Four coat-of-arms buttons with a jesters cap.
  3. A pair of flowery print tights I’m definitely going to wear at the Steampunk con as, if all goes right as I want it to, it will match my dress perfectly.
  4. Three gilded buttons. Two of them will be made into earrings, I just need some stud bases.
  5. Eight and a half meters of bobbin lace in a very light greyish hue.
  6. Five Coraline-or-shomewhat-else-cliché-ish buttons.
  7. A necklace from Claire’s. It was on sale, and even though I’ll never wear it in this shown form I’m going to tear it apart and make some new jewellery out of it. Two of the pieces even match the earring buttons from #4 so they’ll most probably end up in my Steampunk attire.
  8. Another two and a half meters of linen bobbin lace. Isn’t it wonderful? I don’t even know what I want to make of it, but I had to buy it.

The yarn in the first picture I only got because I liked how the colours looked together (something I definitely inherited from my mother). That’s quite unreasonable, but not that insensible when one spool is on the bargain price of 10 cent.


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