10 C°: Sheep and Tea Cups

It’s getting colder again. I embrace this change of weather towards autumn, but I definitely am ashamed that I didn’t go swimming once. Sure, there are indoor swimming pools, but it is just not the same. Well, maybe it will be a little bit warmer when I travel to the south to my mother’s the next time… anyway.

When I was there – in the south, at my mother’s – last weekend, it was also quite chilly. We originally wanted to go to the flea market but the weather didn’t want us to so we went into the blackberries instead. As my mother’s house is settled at the foot of a hill where vast amounts of blackberry shrubs grow we had not to go far to pick the richest fruits. It’s a kind of tradition for my mother and me to go to the hills for blackberries in late summer and early autumn.

On sunday when I awoke I heard the not-so-distant baa of sheep through my open window and when I went there and looked outside there was a nice, large flock of white, cloud-like wooly beings on the hayfield on the other side of the small path that leads into the woods.

I spent hours picking blackberries and apples and pears (And some of the apples I brought here to Marburg for Abigail and Kajal. They were delighted.). I could indeed show you even more and more pictures of sheep, but I think these three above are a pretty good choice to sum it up.

On Sunday when I returned together with my mother it was the last day of the medieval fair at the castle gardens here in Marburg. Sure, the fair was small, but nice and I met several acquaintances of mine. I also got me my first own bone folder (a bookbinding tool, for those of you who don’t know) and another mug. It seems that I can’t go from a fair without a tea-cup… it’s like other girls and shoes.

Maybe you know that normally I’m not a person for blue things, but I really like the glaze of my mug, as well as those three little legs.


One thought on “10 C°: Sheep and Tea Cups

  1. Baaaaa!

    I like this time of the year. (My dictionary claims that ists called gossamer … )
    It´s quite cold in the mornings, and still warm in the sun. cobwebs are everywhere, there are apples, plums, pumkins …

    And I understand your pottery-cup-fixation :)

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