Mouse Guard

When I was wandering trough the upper town about two weeks ago I couldn’t resist and went into the comic shop. Said comic shop is on the mezzanine of one of the old houses up there, pretty small and stuffed to the brim with things wonderful and whimsical. And just as I thought I wouldn’t find anything today and wanted to leave, a small, nearly quadratic book catched my eye. It was Mouse Guard: Winter 1152. The sign next to the book said that it was the second volume and I’m someone who craves for continuity, so I inquired if there was a first one, too.

And so I ended up with Mouse Guard: Fall 1152 and my heart filled with love for David Petersen’s creation and creatures. The adventures of Saxon, Rand, Sadie, Kenzie and especially Lieam, the little red mouse don’t need so much words, they are heartwarming without any explanation.

Plus, here’s the official site. And right after my birthday I’m going to get Winter 1152.

I love the celtic influence in the artworks of the "historical" part.

The little grey fellow that’s scampering between the pages and that fits so awfully well for Mouse Guard once belonged to my grandmother when she was dancing in the theatre in the Pied Piper of Hamelin in a ballet.


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