Aid to Orientation – Book Wrapper

My sketchbook looked horrible. No wonder, it’s been carried around in my everything-eating backpack for some month now. And as I couldn’t tolerate this and as it was a point on my to sew list anyway, I made a book wrapper.

The fabric was a leftover from my (not finished and character changed) Honoria dress and the bias tape was already there, too, so I might also call this a recycling action. :)

As for the design, Teli came up with it when she visited me on my birthday on sunday. First I wanted to colour the compass rose red, but it didn’t work out, and I think it looks very nice in white, too.

I must admit that I’ve got a kind of thing for nautical symbols… ^^

But now I’m going to return to my Latin books and my to sew list.

Bye then!


Any thoughts?

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