10 Things I Love In September

  1. Rose Hip Tea. I drink that stuff by the gallon for I love the slightly sour flavour and the dark red colour. And wild roses. It’s way better than the tap water here, at last.
  2. Warmer Blankets. When it came to September this year I noticed that I needed some. At some days during the last weeks I was really tempted to turn on the heating. The Scoundrel was so nice to bring one of his woolen blankets here (when he stays over he wanted one of his own), so I don’t have to be cold anymore.
  3. Chilly Air. Even though it demands thicker bedding and woolen pullover and socks, I love the weather here at the moment. The air is filled with that certain scent of falling leaves and cold water from the river and the fog rises in the streets in the evening…
  4. Our New Spice Shelf. First I wanted to build one myself, but when I went though some of the old stuff in our attic I stumbled across one and now our spices don’t have to crowd the working surface in the kitchen anymore.
  5. The Instrumental Parts of Black 47’s Funky Céilí. I’m having a folk phase again at the moment. Ignore the text, ignore the weird hair of the singer, just mind the instrumental parts. Did I mention that I want uilleann pipes? No? I want uillean pipes.
  6. Henna. I dyed my hair back, of more precisely, Teli did. Finally, I’m a redhead again! The henna is incredibly great for hair care, I even had my hair tips cut before and the hairdresser was baffled how strong and healthy my hair was after two years of no cutting at all.
  7. Velvet. I definitely have to extend the velvet bodice part of my closet. The heavy fabric is just so lovely when the weather gets colder!
  8. Beatrix Potter. I read through my copy of Peter Rabbit again at the beginning of the month, as the Scoundrel didn’t know it yet. I love the way Beatrix Potter illustrated her world, it’s just so full of details but not too brimming over. There is a quite new biographical film about her, too. I think I should watch it some day.
  9. The Fabric For My New Curtains. They are to be sewn yet, but the fabric is covering my door at the moment where I hung it to dry.
  10. Cover Buttons. Isn’t it nice to have buttons that match your clothing? I made some for the planned Honoria costume and think about using some more in upcoming projects of mine.

Any thoughts?

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