Black for Me, Green for You

Some weeks ago a parcel arrived here in Marburg, containing a swap gift for me from sweet Rogue D’ Arcanto. I once made a hat for her (she was named Cuore.Lacrimante then) and now she was the one who made my top for the Natron & Soda Community shirt swap. She kindly took care for my love of crows and old rose colour and made the loveliest back I’ve ever seen on a T-shirt.

Please excuse the quality, but I couldn't just get it right.

I love how many shades these sequins can have
Oh, and Rogue sent me a Jack Skellington brooch, too!

I myself made a shirt for freudenkind who once sent me an adorable pair of gaiters and a skirt from the Discworld swap. She told me in her notice that she liked military styles, bats and cats, so I let my imagination fly and made this one:

I’m happy to be able to say that she was quite delighted with the shirt.


Any thoughts?

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