New Old Books

The book store vis-à-vis my window is having a “tat sale” at the moment. As soon as we saw it, the Satyr and I had to head over and go through hundreds of second-hand books (they still get new ones every day).

Amongst others I spotted a wonderful coffee-table book about Baroque buildings and art which could be quite interesting for Jules, but as he is coming today to stay here a few days he’ll have to judge himself and I won’t make any rash decisions.

And for my self I found a real treasure. But first the other ones.

First, I stumbled across Victoria R. I., a biography of some sort not only of the Queen but also about her era in general.

Second, I discovered an abandoned copy of Oliver Twist which is part of my reading list anyway and I already started reading it yesterday. I’ll have to do something about that awful cover (hence no photos), but that shouldn’t be too much trouble.

Third was a small booklet about birds of prey, owls and corvidae which will come in handy if I should ever feel the need to draw one of those. And when I went to pay for it, the nice lady at the counter waved it aside and told me I’d get it for free (no pictures, too).

And now to the main piece. Pieces, that is. It wasn’t the last I found, but the most stunning. When I flipped through the books, three volumes catched my eye, thick, brown and green, with dark red edge colouring. Together they formed a historical summary of the 19th century in words and pictures, printed in 1900.


A detail from the embellishments at the corners.



My favourite embellishment on the books. Looks a little bit steampunky, doesn't it?


And I was even able to afford it.


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