10 Things I Love In October

  1. Tuning Forks. Until I got myself a chromatic tuner (I only had a five-tone one for guitars before) I tuned my harp with an A fork and by ear.  The fork I found some years ago on a bookshelf at my father’s and as he had no use to it anymore (he’s also converted to electronic tuners) I took it, just because I like the shape and function.
  2. Ellie Connelly. An online comic I started reading recently. Sadly, the artist doesn’t update regularly, but the material that is indeed online is quite worth reading if one is into the late 19th and early 20th century, some Art Nouveau, strong-minded girls, sympathetic young men and old professors and a little bit of the occult.
  3. The Soundtrack of Bioshock 2. Through advice from the Captain I got the music for the Steampunk con and since the day I first listened to it I’m hooked. Those 30s to 50s inspired pieces always give me a feeling of home, the imaginations of elegant men in tailcoats and Ginger Rogers-like girls that dance the night away. They also remind me a little of Christmas, maybe because my favourite Yuletide disc also contains music from the same decades.
  4. The Chocolatier application on Facebook. It’s somewhat steampunky and contains loads of chocolate. What more to say? I’d love to try making pralines myself.
  5. The Boat That Rocked. If you are somewhat into the music of the 60s, some rock’n roll or psychedelic hippie tunes, this one is a film you should watch. Portraying a pirate radio station located on an old ship somewhere at the British coast in the great North Sea it features not only The Beatles, a Van Morrison look-alike and Cat Stevens, but also Kenneth Branagh as a mean politician and Emma Thompson as the mother of the protagonist. Oh, and Philip Seymour Hoffman.
  6. The fragrance of Impatiens. The word balsamic fits very well, indeed.
  7. The fabric of my new sports trousers. As you might see in the picture above, it looks not like the usual elastic sports fabric, but more like linen or at least cotton. I bought it some years ago, not knowing what I would make out of it, but when I needed a new pair of sports trousers, its time had come.
  8. Regular training again. Even though I went to holiday training trough the last months, there is no comparison – let alone that you’ve got a better choice of combatants.
  9. Tapes. When I cleaned out an old box I brought with me when I moved here I found an old (self-recorded) The Kinks tape from my mother. It was really nostalgic to put it into an old cassette recorder, with all those cracking noises in the background. And definitely, “I made you a tape” sounds way more romantic that “I burned a CD for you”.
  10. Stocking away my summer clothes. Which means that I’m finally at home here and that autumn really has begun. I found a little space on the top of the closet where I can store the boxes with those t-shirts and shorts. For some extra luxury I pack them away with a small piece of American cherry wood treated with wild rose oil.

Any thoughts?

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