Give-Away Results

I told you I hadn’t forgotten about the give-away, and that is absolutely true.

When I came back from my mother’s house where I went right when the give-away entry deadline was set, I indeed found some lines there from several kindred spirits who wanted to participate – three, to be exact.

I think I mentioned it before that this rate dampened my enthusiasm and self-esteem a little, but there was no point in being sad about it. I’d rather take it as a chance, and it gave me the opportunity for my final decision.

Which is: I’ll take all three.

Reason is that I couldn’t just decide which hat to pick, they all held a certain challenge for me! But to illustrate that I think it is the best thing to let you read the descriptions yourself (note: I translated two of them from German, so if one of the original authors isn’t okay with this, please tell me!):


[…] A really dreamy exemplar! Not romantic but rather wildly moony, a hat that by design would not be worn by a human but maybe by someone from the “fair folk”,  a leprechaun, pixie, gnome or even a dryad. The colours probably be earthy which means brown, maybe darker green but also spots of other colour just to match the wee folks likings, whether  violet or bordeaux or what ever they like best at the moment.
The hat would never grow boring, one would always spot small details that had been “lost” there, whether faded writing or buttons that were found somewhere else. Maybe one of the creatures once got lost in a workshop and purloined a coppery shimmering piece of metal as it seemed to the creature like a real treasure although it’s only scrap to the humans.

I really could feel what Wolfskind meant by her description, and immediately my thoughts formed pictures of this hat. I simply had to do this, and if it was only for the challenge of the variety of possibilities!


A chocolatier top hat.
Spirally striped in mint and lemon.
At the hat band made of raspberry coloured silk taffeta and white tulle, looking like raspberry cream and sugar frosting, one can find polymer clay pralines and matching forks.
Everywhere on this top hat there is a shimmering and sparkling… Everywhere there’s  something new to discover, and everything is edible (or at least looks like it was)!
I want Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory on my head. ^^

Even though Jules will get a top hat anyway someday (he has this incredibly ice prince project at the moment, and the idea of making a hat for one of his costumes appealed to me in the very same second), I liked his idea so much that I took the challenge, too. Apart from that, the hat is (as far as I know) obviously meant for his Steampunk character Dorian Siskins who is in fact the eternal foe and rival of my yet-to-be-named “sweets, pies and fairy cakes” girl. Again, it’s a case of “I simply have to do this!”, at last because of the spiraling.


A hat for the Peacock Queen

A hat for the Peacock Queen would have a black base. The adornment would consist of black cock’s plume gleaming in shades of iridescent green and peacock’s feathers.
In the front a filigree brass colored emblem would catch the eye. A hatband of dark green taffeta would be draped around it and fall down in two long ends at the back of the hat.

Lilibeth’s idea was totally different from the other two. Very classical and – in comparison – minimalistic, it is the total opposite of Jules’ and Wolfkind’s hats and every bit as sophisticated as my dear pen friend herself. And I know how hooked up she is with peacocks, at least since her splendid birthday party. Somehow I think this hat is the hardest challenge here as it is the most precisely described of the three. I’m thrilled of the thought what I can make of this setting!

You see, the decision wouldn’t have been easy if I had made one. So, the fact that I had only three participants gave me this chance – with at least four or five I would have been forced to pick a winner. But as it is, I’ve got three winners, which is somehow even better, I think.

Working on the hats will be grand, I know it. And you can be sure that I’ll keep you informed about the progress, as well!

So, off to be a mad hatter once again,

Yours truly


P.S.: The blogs of the three winners can be found here:

  1. Wolfskind
  2. Jules
  3. Lilibeth

2 thoughts on “Give-Away Results

  1. Oh, ich freu mich! Und vor allem, auch für die anderen, da die Ideen auch wunderschön sind! *.*
    *unglaublich gespannt rumhibbel* :D
    Und ich finds so toll, dass du genau wusstest, was ich meine, denn beim Schreiben dachte ich nur “Oh hilfe, ich plapper ja wie von Sinnen vor mich hin…” aber trotzdem wurde es nicht ganz so wirr. *hihi*

  2. Du bist ja verrückt… !
    mhh gut das muss ich gerade sagen (in memoriam 24 handgefertiger Masken für die Gebutstagsgäste)… aber ich meine ja auch positiv verrückt, das macht dich ja so liebenswert wie du nun mal bist.
    Ich bin gespannt auf die Ergebnisse, auch und gerade auf die der anderen beiden. Und es ist wirklich toll zu sehen wie unterschiedlich die drei Hüte schon in ihrer Beschreibung sind – wie müssen dann erst die realen Konterfeis dazu aussehen.

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