As I mentioned before I’m working at a pillow case at the moment, shaped like a clock, or, more precisely, like a pocket watch. The progress is quite slow, but now I’m at least done with the clock face, so here’s a little teaser:

As I’m talking about crafts, I’m proud to tell you for the give-away that one and a half hat bases are finished. The first one is ready to be decorated and hopefully, it will be sent on its way before Christmas. The schedule for the others say that they will be finished this year.

Yesterday I also got the material for Bambi’s Christmas present, half a meter of smoky baby blue terry cloth. I hope I’ll finish everything in time!

On Tuesday I’ll be heading off to my mother’s house for a week, but gladly not without any connections to the aethernet so I’ll be able to contact my dear ones via webcam and update here at least once. I’m really looking forward to the Coppelius concert on Thursday! I still don’t really know what to wear, but I’ll surely bring you back a picture.

But now I’ve got to stitch that clock face on further, so you’ll have to excuse me. Oh, and I hope you’re not too bored about my recent updates at the moment! If there’s something you want to read here, just let me know, I really appreciate your ideas and opinions!


One thought on “Clockworking

  1. Ich hab die Uhr bei NuS ja schon egsehen und bewundert, aber auch hier nochmal: Wow! Ich finde deine Arbeiten sooo… märchenhaft! (ja, das ist das passende Wort!) *.*

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