Oh I just Can’t Wait…

… for tonight!

Tonight’s the Coppelius concert I’ve been looking forward to for month. I got me the new album last week and haven’t stopped listening (well, except for another song, but that’s too off-topic now).

My favourites so far are:

  • Diener 5er Herren (“Servant of 5 Masters”) – “The sufferings of young B.”, about the work of Coppelius’ butler Bastille.
  • Gumbagubanga – Nonsensical song about a witch doctor which has pretty good choral parts.
  • Stetig Fromm (“Always Docile”) – About a marriage gone very, very wrong.
  • Ade mein Lieb (the German version of The Turtle Dove) – So beautiful, I can’t even tell. It’s a great texture with wonderful voices weaving into each other…

I’m also looking forward to hear Damen (“Ladies”), Nachtwache (“Night Watch”) and Klein Zaches (“Little Zaches”), the eponymous song for Zinnober.

As always when it comes to a Coppelius concert I’m a little concerned with my outfit for tonight. I’m struggling to decide whether to go for a more simple-could-be-anywhere-from-rennaissance-to-1900s look or something nearly baroque… but I’ll get a little help from Jules. The time between picking up Tristan, another acquaintance (dare I say friend?) of mine, from the station and meeting the others at the concert we’ll spend at his house, planning outfits. We’re girls, after all (except Tristan).

But now I’ve got to iron my about ten yards of fabric and get something to eat before I leave. I’ll bring you some photos!


Any thoughts?

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