Advent Calendars

I know I haven’t posted too much this month, especially about my Christmas preparations. At the moment I’m doing the ornaments for the annual Yuletide letter to my relatives overseas in New York, and I’m planning to catch up with all the presents during the next two weeks.

Air Mail to America


But something little that I can show you right now are the advent calendars I’ve got back in Marburg (you remember, I’m still at my mother’s house).

First, there’s the (hippie-eco-tree hugger – I love it!) tea advent calendar I got from my Mum in the mail.

I didn’t have the chance to get my daily cup during the last week, but this makes me even look more forward to coming home the day after tomorrow.

The second one is some kind of “collective” advent calendar my mother also sent to me. I always had it when I lived with her, and now I use it for the whole bunch. There are four of us – Bambi, Satyr, Scoundrel (doesn’t officially live with us, but unofficially he’s a member of the household as well) and me which means there are six bags for each of us. I filled those for the boys – mostly the same stuff in different colours but with at least one specific gift in the last bag before Christmas. Sadly, I couldn’t take any pictures, but maybe I’ll be able to when I come home again.

So far I have only opened one of my bags as I’m the fourth in line and went south at December 5th. But there I found a wonderful little gnome from the Scoundrel, just like the ones that I had when I was younger.

And now I’ll leave you again to pack my bags and go for an evening stroll to see all the lighted houses with my Mum. Tomorrow at this time I’ll be in Frankfurt at my father’s house after lunch with my grandparents, a visit on the Christmas market and a short meeting with Jules. And when I’m back in Marburg on Tuesday I’ll visit the Historian to take a look at the pictures he took at the Coppelius concert. Which means: I’ll be posting soon again!

Love, stardust and snowflakes,

The Hedgefairy


Any thoughts?

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