Another New Year’s Resolutions

Remember the last time? Now is the hour to see if I achieved what I planned and, of course, make some new vows for the upcoming year.

The Year Gone By

Well, as nobody expects resolutions to be fulfilled I think I did rather good…

  1. Stop biting nails. I did it! Quite rapidly in December, but at least I did it! I just hope it will last…
  2. Get an online shop started. It wasn’t to be, though Jules and I planned a little bit. Oh well.
  3. Host a Steampunk con. DONE! It had some flaws, but it was great, anyway. I just wish I finally had those photos!
  4. Wear more Lolita. I could have done better, but at least I tried.
  5. Fulfill 50% of the Daring Deeds. No, but 23% are better than expected… ^^
  6. Take better care of myself. Somehow yes, somehow no.
  7. Keep my room tidy. I managed to succeed, somehow!
  8. Go to Latin classes regularly. Errr… no. Curses!

The Year Upcoming

I guess I’ll make less resolutions… Five is a nice number, isn’t it?

  1. Start my own online comic and update once a week! Sounds tough, but I will at least try!
  2. Build a nicer wardrobe and wear it! Containing Lolita, Steampunk, Mori Girl…
  3. Be a Game Master again! And finally get to play that Grimm adventures I’ve been planning for so long.
  4. Write letters regularly! Only if my pen friends still want to be my pen friends…
  5. Take good care of myself, keep myself happy and stay in health! Especially the last part. I really don’t want to spend weeks in the bed again.

3 thoughts on “Another New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Ich finde die Vorsätze für letztes Jahr eigentlich ziemlich ehrgeizig.. und vieles davon hast du auf die eine oder andere Weise erfüllen können, wenn auch teilweise erst in den letzten beiden Monaten.. Aber hey, die gehören schließlich auch noch zum Jahr, von daher ist das vollkommen legitim.
    Die für dieses Jahr sind auch gut.. Wenn ich helfen kann, sag Bescheid. Ich wollte eh noch testen, ob die neuen Stiefel in-Arsch-tret-tauglich sind.. dumdidum.. :D

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