Presents for the Scoundrel

The things about the Scoundrel and presents are:

  1. His birthday is two days before Christmas which means that all the ideas kind of have to come at the same time.
  2. He has neither an affection for silly, useless things nor a “heraldic” animal or something like that. Giving is way easier with people like Bambi (who mostly gets something that is related to fawns or self-made game merchandise) or the Imp who is a great pianist and has a thing for zombies or Tristan who likes tigers…

So I decided he’d only get things that he’d find useful. Which is kind of difficult for me as someone who loves to make little things that don’t actually make any sense but look cute… This was also a problem that I had with his advent calendar as he doesn’t like sweets (just imagine!). I substituted them with spices as he’s not only very fond of rosemary and cinnamon and pepper, but also a very able amateur chef.

My first thoughts were too large to be realised until the end of December of 2010, so I had to find something smaller. I finally came up with a solution: While we were playing at the same RPG rounds, he hadn’t any dice and worst luck with those he borrowed from Bambi, the Elfin or me. So he got a pack of dice in every variation for his birthday and a dice bag, too.


I wanted the gift to still look personal, so I wrapped the dice in my favourite packing paper.
They look like old-fashioned sweets, and even the wire of the jar matches the paper and ribbon!
Of course there has to be a Happy Birthday card, too.

So much fo his birthday. For Christmas it was the dice bag. But to be honest, this was not enough for me. I had to think about something special, and so I came up with the “wrapping”.

Yes! It’s a D 20, made of felt, embroidery yarn and acrylic colour. The numbers are in the right positions, too.

This was definitely not the last time I made a die like this. I think it’s a great gift for all role players, and it’s only a two-hours-or-so work.

But now for the dice bag, the actual present.


The bag is made of thin leather with a felt application in the middle displaying the Scoundrel’s sign.

I can't help but thinking of jewels...

I was happy how the presents turned out and that he liked – and also was able to use – them.

Of course I got wonderful gifts, too, but that’s another story.


3 thoughts on “Presents for the Scoundrel

  1. These presents are really useful AND beatiful! I guess he was thrilled!
    Actually the birthday card is so originally Hedgefairy style I would identify your selfmade cards out of thousand others!

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