Rose Bouqets made of Fabric

Last week I went shopping with Bambi for some simple T-shirts or longsleeves. I couldn’t find what I looked for and was about to leave, when I decided to check the accessoires section on my way out, where I found an old rose-coloured dream.

Isn’t the pattern of this shawl wonderful? The fabric is sheer, flowing muslin that would flatter any Jane Austen heroine. I can’t wait to wear it in a decent Lolita or Mori Girl co-ordinate, but it also fits my black everyday garments.

The other wearable roses grew on the even further way out, in the children’s section. They catched my eye and I was really disappointed that there were no such pieces at the women’s section. But then I plucked up courage and decided to try it on in the largest size they had – and it fit and was suitable!

The print is really good and looks like it will survive several years of washing, it has a hood, pockets and thumb holes and adds a cute flair to my everyday attire, just like the shawl.

I beg your pardon for the somewhat blurry pictures, but the lighting conditions were kind of bad.


2 thoughts on “Rose Bouqets made of Fabric

  1. Süße Sachen! Und ich finde es sehr heroisch von dir, dass du den Vorstoß in die Kinderabteilung gewagt hast.

    Aber sag mal… seit wann hast du eine Schneiderpuppe im Zimmer stehen??? *staun*

    1. Danke! Seit Weihnachten 2008 hab ich die, normalerweise wohnt sie allerdings unter dem Bett, der Platzersparnis wegen.

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