Year of the Rabbit

Yesterday, according to the Chinese calendar, the year of the rabbit began. And as I live with two rabbits I thought it would be a nice idea to dedicate a post to the matter.

So I want to introduce you to the girls as I haven’t done this before properly. The rabbits dwell in Bambi’s room and officially, they’re his. The “old ones”, Kajal and Abigail, moved to their old home at Bambi’s sister’s again after she returned from Norway where she had been for a year. So, in with the new!

The right one in white with some darker spots is Emma. She’s the shy one, likes lying flat in her corner in the cage and doesn’t go out much.

The other one with a dark head and a white stripe is Feline (a coincidence that is quite funny ’cause it’s the German version of Faline, which is the name of Bambi’s girlfriend in the Disney film), the fierce one. She’s the one to climb out of the cage and explore the world outside.

The girls like each other very much, but I guess sometimes Feline is a little bit bossy. And one of these situations prooved that Emma can be wild, too, as she kicked Feline out of the cage and didn’t let her in again for several hours…

And now even their cage is decorated with a rabbit-shaped charm! I found it on my way to the Christmas days and thought it quite cute for them.

Another topic that is linked to rabbits (no, not really rabbits but hares) is one of the dresses I plan to make since last December: The March Hare outfit.

Maybe this is finally a project to use my “hunt the hare” buttons for!


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