10 Things I love in February

  1. Wenn Ich tot bin, a song by the german folk rock band Luna Luna. The name of the song translates to “when I’m dead”, but instead of the sad mourning tune you might expect you get an ode to life itself and the challenge to live every day to its fullest so that you won’t regret your death after a live as great as possible.
  2. Military Drums. The constant, driving rythm of snares, the humming deep bass drums and the additional tenors of pipe bands from Scotland are a perfect example (you also might listen to the song above), but I’ve always felt drawn to drums. I’d love to incorporate those rythms into my own band, but we’ll see. I’ve got to talk this trough with the Imp.
  3. Apples. They might have been involved in a lot of mayhem in several mythologies – the human’s fall from Eden, the Trojan war, the greatest disease northern deities ever suffered from when Iðunn’s (aka Iduna) apples were stolen, thanks to Loki – but they also are a symbol for youth – again, there’s Iðunn, and also Avalon is nicknamed “Isle of Apples” (or a variation of it, to ease possible complaints) – and even wisdom. I love the fact that apples belong to the rose’s family, and they taste good, too.
  4. Elfquest. I already mentioned it in my post about what I got for Christmas from the Scoundrel. It’s not that the comics are overly innovative with their stories or characters (at least not today) and I don’t even know if I’d adore them how I do if I got to know them nowadays. But I found the first volume to read in the public library in my very early teens (if I remember correctly) and was stunned by the somewhat wild looks of the elves, the wolves, the big eyes and the characters. Yes, they are epically 80s and reallysome kind of Manowar-like, but what the Care Bears, My Little Pony, Hello Kitty or Lady Lovelylocks are to other girls as a reminder of their childhood (that happened mostly in the 90s but were influenced by the 80s indeed) are the wolfriders to me.
  5. Knitting. I just started again with a scarf I began about two years ago and never finished. Defintely not able to do something else than the utmost basics by now, I’m planning to go all megalomaniac while Teli (my knitting goddess) is staying in Norway for her exchange semester to knit Owls (just look at Teli’s blog here, she made the pullover last year).
  6. Challenges. When she visited me at the end of January, my mother challenged me to skip all things containing refined sugar for a whole month or more! I think I’m going to be able to do this, even though it’s going to be really hard, but honey is allowed, after all. And if I win, I’ll get a reward, too. ;)
  7. Cooking. After I accepted the challenge above and after Lilibeth had told me so much about her cooking projects I thought about it. I really like cooking, and I like to present the results in a nicer way than on a simple plate, all mashed up. And I thought about why and when I stopped doing so and came to the conclusion that I didn’t even know why! So, in future posts you might see some results of my newly-found sense of cooking. At least I hope so.
  8. Chokers. Although the word somehow looks awkward, I like the necklaces. Maybe you remember that I once got one in a lucky pack swap last year! At the moment I’m experimenting with styles of chokers for my everyday wardrobe (they’ve got some kind of a Steampunk feel to them), and you can bet that I’ll show you the results.
  9. Banners. They’ve got this awfully cool Obey! banner in the PC game Overlord that’s taken from the evil hobbits (yes, indeed) I always wanted to sew for our flat. And then there are the great hall banners in Harry Potter (still a Hufflepuff, by the way) and the whole lot of flying fabric in the Lord of the Rings pictures. I also made a small banner for our crew at the Festival Mediaval 2008 that still has to be somewhere in my bedroom. There’s something great and regal about those flags, as there is about the last point of my February list, too:
  10. Speech Scrolls. I love them and use them in my pictures and comics as often as I can. Even the invitations for my Steampunk con had scrolls at the top. And somehow, speech scrolls are a historical kind of speech bubbles, too. Which is pretty cool. I think I need some more clothes with speech scroll motifs…

Any thoughts?

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