Back from the City

I’ve been to Frankfurt again. Originally it was to switch my armoire from the unstable black wire-with-curtains light model to a smaller dark wooden type from the first half of the last century that kept catching dust in my mother’s basement. But as my father decided that if we went to get the closet on Saturday I could as well come with him on Thursday when he drove home from Marburg anyway, I had one and a half day to spend in the big city, too.

One of the worst things about my beloved fairy tale town is the lack of shopping opportunities. Even though I’m not much of a hoarder of clothes and accessoires I love to go window-shopping. Marburg sadly has only one not-so-unique H&M and neither Claire’s nor Accessorize, so I was thrilled to learn that in Frankfurt even a second of the latter had opened during the last months!

And this is (part of) what I brought back:

A cute tea-pot-shaped earring. Actually it’s a pair, but as I seldom wear two of the same pair I decided to use one of this cute tea pots to make a charm or necklace. The only thing I dislike is the harsh contrast of the muted pastel of the charm and the bright red of the ribbon above it, so I think I’m going to change it.

Another pair of earrings. They had a 3-for-the-price-of-2 sale at Claire’s, and I couldn’t resist! And yes, it’s true, I love chocolate! I think these will be great for the attire for my planned pâtissier Steampunk LARP character. When I told Jules I suggested that maybe the matching brooch would be nice for his Dorian Siskins (a character who’s a chocolatier, too). Even though it would be quite weird if two sworn enemies wore matching jewelery…

The last of the tree pairs is shaped like carved roses. Aren’t they beautiful? And they’re matching my wearable rose bouquets! The small spoon is new, too, to always carry it in my bags if I feel the urge to get me some mousse au chocolat or something similar.

My last purchase was a set of paper napkins with this really elaborate print of antique cutlery drawings, just in case I’ve got to hold a tea party some day. :)

Well, it was really nice to visit my old city again and I’m looking forward to April when I’m able to do this more often again due to my new university ticket. Oh, and I got me another something, too, but I think that’s worth a post of its own.


Any thoughts?

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