On Crafty Affairs

You may have not noticed, but I fell in love with Lolita again after neglecting it due to the Steampunk con and the trouble afterwards! And now I’m re-gathering all the fabrics I already have and planning on getting new ones (hello IKEA, here I come… in April, that is) and dusting my old sewing machine (which was broken, too, but now is fixed and as faithful as always) to get myself a decent wardrobe.

Some of you may remember this fabric:

First, I wanted it to become a sailor dress, then I switched to the idea of a classic tea dress and now I’ve come to the point that I want it alterable enough to be worn as sweet, country, classic and sailor. Now, that’s a challenge I like! And as my room and amoire are not that big, multifunctional dresses are quite the right thing for me.

Then there are plans for one or two Alice in Wonderland themed outfits, first the March Hare that I mentioned earlier, in deep blue and with a bowler hat and maybe something Mad Hatter inspired, too, completely with top hat and chequerboard pattern.

Speaking of a Mad Hatter and top hats! I bet you thought I forgot about my give-away, but I didn’t. Lilibeth already knows what the problem with her hat is, but I hereby promise that I’ll have it ready for Estella Mortimer’s (that’s her Steampunk diva character) next appearance. Jules’ hat also requires some time, especially as I don’t dare to work with polymer clay as long as my hands are not completely healed (always remember, crafting is dangerous, just like fighting dragons) – mostly when they are I manage to get bruised again.

But! Wolfskind, your hat is making progress, even though I kind of have to wait for the little scrap metal pieces to come to me – I don’t want to really search for them, it would spoil the feeling, at least for me – and here’s a teaser:

Now, back to my new-found love for Lolita and my plans attached. The most difficult thing I guess will be the building of a Kodona outfit. I’m a little afraid that it won’t look good on my figure, but I should certainly try.

And at last there are some basics like finishing the re-shaping of a white man’s shirt to a blouse, a completely black set, a chequered skirt, some cut sews and aprons and finally another petticoat, this time in burgundy red! And maybe, but only maybe, I’ll try Steampunk Lolita, too.

You see, there’s much to do, but first I’ll have to finish the birthday present for the Satyr.

Bye, then!


3 thoughts on “On Crafty Affairs

  1. *reinroll*
    *fahne such*… *fahne wedel* Njaaaaarrrr, ich bin ganz UNBEDINGT dafür, dass du auch noch irgendwann mal ein Sailor Lolita Dress bastelst… das würde so toll aussehen, ganz bestimmt! *_*
    Wuah, die AUsschnitte sehen ja schon herzallerliebst aus! <3
    Übrigens habe ich meine Blogadresse gewechselt, nicht das es zu Verwirrungen kommt! xD

    1. Ui, danke! Ich hab ja immer noch den Entwurf für eines hier rumfliegen, irgendwann muss ich das wohl wirklich mal nähen. ^^

      Und danke, dass du wegen der Blogadresse Bescheid gesagt hast!

  2. Ich gucke mir ja total gerne Lolita-Outfits an, auch wenn ich es selbst nicht trage…von daher bin ich total gespannt *__*

    (Und der Märzhase.. das kann ja nur toll werden :D)

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