Two Years

Can it be that time flew so quickly and that my blog is already two years old?

Instead of boring you with statistics I only want to say how glad I am that each and every one of you is reading this little space in the aethernet of mine.


And if you have any ideas, any questions or anything else to make this blog better for you, just tell me and I’ll try to be at service.


Yours truly,

The Hedgefairy


2 thoughts on “Two Years

  1. I can’t believe that you don’t get that much comments. I love love love your blog! Its so inspiring.
    But whats your name on Natron & Soda? I’d really like to talk to you soon. Maybe you have facebook or something like that?
    Haha, to be honest, I speak german, but I thought it would be better to write in English. :3
    Ah, and to answer your question: I’d like to see more crafting tutorials, and more Mori Girl stuff. (:

    1. On Natron & Soda I’m Bronwen. So you’re there, too? What’s your nick? I’m really looking forward to your PM! :)

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