Porcelain Sunday – The Lost Doll

When I first read Victoria Suzanne’s advice on how to be a better blogger I though about a weekly post I could make. After thinking about alliterations with Steampunk and fashion (which may come too, anyway) and a dozen other things, I decided to go Porcelain Sunday. If you can’t think of what this should be – and I can’t blame you for that -, please let me explain. When I first encountered Lolita, I was stunned by the look that resembled not only the attire of my childhood heroines – Sara Crewe and Mary Lennox amongst them – but also delicate, pretty-to-beautiful porcelain dolls, and ever since this was the look for me to achieve. So, Porcelain Sunday will be about where I take my inspirations from for this wonderful style, be it music, a movie, books or an animated series. I hope you’ll like it and maybe share my inspirations.

Inner cover art.


I thought I’d start with something more uncommon. Books in general provide such masses of inspiration, and children’s books, especially illustrated ones, are the most extreme. The book I draw my inspiration from today is one that I got a long time ago, it basically was there all through my childhood. It’s The Lost Doll by Jean Richardson with illustrations by Mike Dodd.

Uncommon it is because it’s not set in the Victorian era or even earlier, no, the story takes place in London of the 1920s. Harriet, a little girl, looses her dearest doll Lottie that has somehow “run off” in the park. During the book Harriet receives letters from Lottie who is travelling around the world with an American girl named Beth and another doll, Little Star.

From left to right: Little Star, Beth, Lottie and a poodle.


So much for the story line, but now for the inspiration!

The pictures – as you can clearly see – are in muted, elegant colours and I simply love the look of 20s children’s clothing! Some wonderful Lolita artist have already tried to mix it with Lolita, actually, and I surely do love the results:

By Carnet-atelier via deviantArt
By Seitou via deviantArt

Please click on the pictures to visit the artist’s deviantArt galleries! They are definitely worth it!

Seitou has a great deal more of designs like this, I think I’ll have to make a Porcelain Sunday entirely about her some day – and I just discovered her today!

The inbetween-wars era is highly underestimated for Lolita, I think. And yet, it’s so easy to give a flair of the “golden twenties”! But that shall be the matter of my post tomorrow, also starting a new weekly updated series, the Matching Monday.

And I think that The Lost Doll made a great start for Porcelain Sunday, too, even though not intended. Because: Isn’t Lolita all about to look like a doll come to life in one way or the other?

This will be the thought I’ll leave you with for now, but not without my best regards.

Yours truly,

The Hedgefairy



One thought on “Porcelain Sunday – The Lost Doll

  1. I had the same book when I was young and ADORED IT. I was googling “Lost Lottie Doll” to try and find the name of the author when I came across your blog.
    I love how some books and pictures stay with us our whole lives from our childhood.
    Thanks for posting this.

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