Blackandwhite Dresses

Today Luna came over for a visit, and for taking of measurements, as I promised her to make a dress out of some IKEA fabrics she’d bought last year. And when she left the flat again after we’d chosen two designs, one for white with birds and one for grey with leaves, I sat down to draw some “official” fashion illustrations for the garments.

And I really enjoyed it. I should do this way more often! By the way and before you say something about the matter: This dress is in no way meant to be a Lolita one! It’s simply a dress with a gathered skirt and lacing.

These are the fabrics I’m going to work with:

The first fabric belongs to the second design, the fabric in the middle is for the first one and the fabric on the right will become a headband and maybe some spats, if Luna likes the idea (do you?).

I missed fashion illustrating. I missed illustrating in general. Would you, dear readers, like to see more of that again? Well, because if you do I’d have some sort of inducement to draw more… I’d love to read your opinions on this in the comments!


3 thoughts on “Blackandwhite Dresses

  1. Finally I read this. I’m loving them <3 I can't wait to see them finished one day. Even though I will never be as skinny as those pictures :D

    I don't even know why I reply in English but oh well. :D

  2. “Would you, dear readers, like to see more of that again?” – Absolut! Die sind toll! (Ich bewundere ja Leute, die zeichnen können, mir fehlt jegliches Talent x_x)

    (Und den Vogelstoff hab ich auch neulich gekauft, dummerweise nur einen halben Meter, weil ich noch nicht wusste, was draus machen..dein Entwurf sieht toll aus *__*)

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