Wellington and Another Project

Finally it’s March and I’m allowed to consume some sugar again (if you don’t remember, my mother challenged me not to eat fine sugar for a whole month) which means I’m also able to bake again!

And so I tried a recipe we’ve had for the con: a ginger cake. Only without the frosting.

The cake is incredibly heavy with molasses and spicy with ginger, clove and nutmeg and we named it Wellington after the Duke who defeated Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo as the cake tried out to climb out of its tin and conquer the rest of the oven. I think next time I’ll give him a larger tin as well as less spices. It’s just too much of an explosion on the taste buds to eat more that a tiny bit at once!

And so, Wellington became the first entry for my new project, seen under the bowl with the cake and the glass of milk. It’s a note-book I bought around Christmas time, adorned with air ships, compasses, stamps and the like, and until yesterday I didn’t really know what to do with it. And now it became my Steampunk recipe book!

Lilibeth already started such a project some months ago with a fellow from the Rauchersalon forum and I think the idea is splendid! She also showed me a wonderful blog, Steampunk Cookery, which is truly worth a click.

Steampunk cookery is a field that’s not so present with all of us, and there’s so much to be discovered yet! Do you practise a form of Victorian or other steampunky cookery? What are your favourite recipes for an alternate history-inspired feast or picnic? Tell me in a comment!


Any thoughts?

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