Matching Monday – Princess Sara

This time we don’t have a how-to-achieve-the-look monday, but rather outfits inspired by the book.

It was a little hard to decide what to do for this Matching Monday, and I came up with an interpretation of Sara’s beautiful “rose fairy” dancing outfit, mashed up with her travelling attire:

  • Long Sleeved Dress. When it comes to Sara I always think of OPs. There is no way I can imagine Miss Crewe in a jumperskirt! The dress above is from Fan+Friend, if you wonder. In my copy of the book, Sara is most of the time depicted wearing blue, but as I tried to capture the air of the dancing outfit it’s rose-coloured.
  • Granny Boots. An essential for a refined, Victorian inspired look. In the book, Sara’s shoes are described as making her feet look very, very small. Granny boots with lacing will do, but with buttons they are perfect!
  • Crown Motives. To embrace the princess feeling, a crown is one of the symbols to use (but that is common knowledge, I think). In the coordinate above they are very understated in the mounting of the studs, but I think that a pin or an emblem on a headdress would be lovely, too. Just limit the number, less is more in this case.
  • Books. Sara is an avid reader, you might even say a bookworm. I tried to include this part of her personality with the book locket ring and the book hand bag. I myself own a book-shaped locket that belonged to my mother, and you can find many of this style on dawanda and etsy.
  • The Doll. Emily is Sara’s best friend when she first arrives at Miss Minchin’s Select Seminary. I love the idea of having a perfect doll with specially tailored frocks and lots of equipment! I even consider making one my own, but I’m still planning here.
  • Roses. They come from the dancing outfit, too, and as roses are my favourite flowers I had to include them. Plus, they give an air of royalty without being to serious or overdone. When Princess Portal was still online there was a tutorial on how to make a wonderful wreath out of artificial roses, but I think one can figure out how to get them in shape without it, too. The biggest problem with artificial flowers is to find some that look convincing if you want them to look natural. But if you want some black or blue ones, just go ahead and paint them yourself! There are plenty of other hair pieces with roses too, just keep your eyes open at Claire’s or Accessorize and the like.
  • Jewelery. In this case I chose a really pretty locket with a rose motif, to catch on to the hair decor again. Lockets in general are very good to achieve a victorianesque look, and if I recall this right there is also a story line about a locket in the 1995 A Little Princess movie.

As for lockets, here is how I include a bit of Sara’s story and philosophy into my everyday life. Not only do I still try to follow the Princess Code by the Lost Princess Skye (Princess Portal sadly is offline, but you can still read the code here), I also try to remind myself, just like Sara, of the fact that if I want to I can pretend and behave like one. It even went easier when I found my locket:

It dangles over my bed on the knob of my made-from-a-drawer bookshelf together with a small bundle of thyme Teli gave me. Inside it, there’s a small folded piece of paper, reminding me…

I hope my inspiration was at least nice for you to read this time, best inspiring for you, too. I’ll say good bye today with a piece of wonderful music made from sound from the movie mentioned above.



Any thoughts?

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