A Change? I really need your help.

I’ve had this post as a draft in my folders for quite some time now, and I think it’s finally the right moment to publish it.

Some time ago my friend Lilibeth moved. She transferred her blog from wordpress to blogger to see who follows her on her adventures and for the wider range of wallpaper she could decorate her room in the world-wide web with.
I’ve got to admit that I played around with the thought to switch, too, just for the sake of a personal background, then. But when time flew I thought about how little I knew about how many people are actually reading my blog, that I didn’t know where they came from and so on.

Plus, I had some spam problems here at wordpress. And now, not knowing what to do, I turn to you, my readers:

Should I take this step?

Should I stay or should I go?

Should I give in to my desire and vanity for a prettier background?

Should I hold on to the dashboard I know so well?

Should I transfer my older posts to a new blog or keep this one as my archive?

This time I really, really beg you for your comments as I’m still hesitating, pending, waiting for a choice to come to me. What do you think? Any opinions? Remarks? Ideas? I’d love to read your words concerning this.


6 thoughts on “A Change? I really need your help.

  1. If you feel uncomfortable here on wordpress, you should move to blogger, though I don’t understand what this is about the backgrounds… is it easier to design the layout there?
    And in my opinion, you should keep this one as an archive, because it’s simply too much work to repost all your old post again. ;)

    1. With wordpress, it’s completely impossible to design your own backgrounds unless you pay a certain fee, while at blogger, this feature is available for all.
      And there’s the follower function, which is a very good argument for someone as curious as me…

      Thank you for your opinion, especially the comfort part. :)

  2. Well, I like this layout.
    Maybe your should move if you like to play around. Me, I like the whole ‘corporate identity’ thing. I like a blog that I can intuitively recognize.

    Also I think you must ask yourself: I you knew how many people read your blog … do you think you would be happy that there are so many? Or disappointed because you had hoped for more?

    whatever your do, I would like to have the whole package. All the archive I mean …

    1. Thank you for your honest opinion!
      Well, as for the reader numbers, at the moment I know for sure that four to eight people are reading my blog. My self-esteem wouldn’t be down if there were actually only these four to eight people, but I’m curious if there are more. So I think I wouldn’t be disappointed at all. :)

  3. Mir gefällt das Layout hier auch – für einige könnte es natürlich komfortabler sein, wenn du zu Blogspot wechselst, weil man da doch (glaube ich? Besitze ja keinen Blog) so eine Liste von Blogs anlegen kann, die man liest (also, wenn man selbst bei Blogger ist .. dann wäre es für diejenigen praktischer *wirr* Hoffe, ich erzähle hier keinen Mist).
    Und eben die Layoutmöglichkeiten, obwohl das hier – wie gesagt – auch schön ist :)

    Mir persönlich wäre es ziemlich egal, da ich keinen Blog habe und mir sowieso immer alle Blogs als Lesezeichen speichern muss. ^^

    (Der Post war jetzt irgendwie nicht so sinnvoll, merke ich gerade. ^^)

    1. Trotzdem danke für deine Meinung, mir ist das echt wichtig.
      Die Blogliste kann man tatsächlich machen, das ist besagte Follow-Funktion, wobei das nicht ausschlaggebend ist, weil ich meine Blogs auch in einem Lesezeichenordner horte.

      Das Design hier ist zwar schön, aber es ist einfach nicht meins (im Sinne von “von mir gemacht”) und ein bisschen zu unpersönlich, trotz austauschbarem Header.


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