A Victorian Visit, plus Accident

First: Thank you for your honest opinions on my thought of moving my blog from wordpress to blogger. I’m still considering, and the plan is to set up the whole design for the blog – completely selfmade! – and let you have a look. And then to ask again if you think it fits me, and if you think I should stay or go.

Second, I had a visit of nearly Victorian dimensions (when a visit at your cousin’s house could last for week to months) from Jules, and as always, here’s a little report.

Jules arrived on Wednesday afternoon as his Hungary lesson was canceled that day and Thursday school was closed, and after I’d picked him up at the station, we sat down in my room with a cup of tea and brainstoremd what I’d wear on a 20s party (there’s – maybe – coming one up, so the concerns are justified). The evening we spent at a bistro together with another friend of mine.

Thursday was a quiet day, mainly spent on getting sequins and beads for one of Jules’ school projects, namely an embellished scarf. But on Friday, we went on a shopping trip in Frankfurt after Jules came back from school. It was nice, sure, but very exhausting. Shopping trips are always exhausting to me, and I simply can’t understand how people in tv series are able to endure this so often! Personally, I wanted to go to Accessorize for a certain headband I’d wanted since I first saw it, and then got lost in the art and DIY supply store.
After some pasta and cake and a visit at the sweets shop we were just too tired to look for fabric – I’m participating in two swaps at the moment, and the material for one of them isn’t giving me the easy way. I guess I’ve got to go there again as I didn’t find anything here in Marburg, maybe during the weekend.

Then, on Saturday, when we were strolling down from the upper town, I happened to sprain my foot and twist my ankle. Well, it goes on like “I tripped and fell and rolled down the steep cobblestone street for one or two yards and then I bumped into the tires of a parking car”.

Ahem. Yes.

A very kind passerby and Jules asked me if I were okay, and as I could move my foot and was able to walk in a way that didn’t hurt so much we went on. The really unpleasant part was when I  removed my hiking boots – after that I wasn’t able to do anything with my right foot.

It could have been worst, though. My ankle wasn’t swollen at all (due to the boots, I think. But with the violence that I fell up there I don’t want to know what had happenend if I had worn lower or softer shoes) and thanks to my boxing bandages and enough rest didn’t swell at home, either. One good point about this accident was that I hadn’t go a long to the dancehall where Jules had wanted to drag me for this evening, as the music isn’t really what I enjoy to dance to.

The bad points are obvious, I couldn’t possibly go to savate or canne holiday training with crutches. But yesterday I was able to abandon them again, and I think if I’m careful enough I might be able to train again next week, at least boxing.

On Sunday we had our traditional smoked salmon breakfast after Jules had come home after the party at 5 AM. We also use to watch a film during this meal, this time it was Eloise at the Plaza. Later that day Jules went to a date with a nice young man he’d met the night before and in the evening he took the train back home.

And finally, I had my room to myself again.


Any thoughts?

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