10 Things I love in March

  1. Amplifiers or amps, to sit on them. Since I brought them here from my mothers house together with my new armoire I’ve seldom used other seatings as they exactly have the right height and are quite comfortable, too. Only, I’ll have to sew some chair cushions for them for upholstered they are not.
  2. Fennel. During my month without sugar I re-discovered my love for this bulbs. It’s a great snack (sometimes difficult to eat, though) and it’s incredibly healthy, too.
  3. Pizza baps. We use to order them during roleplay sessions, they are as large as my fist and very soft and warm and they come with herb butter. ♥
  4. Changeling. Yet another White Wolf RPG… Generally, I’m not a big fan of White Wolf, but Changeling is really fun. I think I’ll devote a post or two on the matter of the game which is in our case beautifully mastered by the Elfin.
  5. Stickers. I brought some with me when I returned from Frankfurt last month as they had such wonderful ones at Accesorize. Tea pots and envelopes and Union Jack hearts, isn’t that great?!
  6. Ravelry. Teli was the one who showed me first this wonderful world made of wool and yarn. There are so many cute and beautiful projects I instantly wanted to knit and crochet! I definitely have to work on my skills, though…
  7. My new armoire. Finally some storing place, even though it’s actually smaller in size than the old one!
  8. Scuttlebuggery. A game featuring the music of Johnny Hollow where you play the role of a bug trying to collect drops of various liquids. It’s somewhat steampunky, too!
  9. Journeys. This year will be full of them if it goes by the plan: first a visit at Lilibeth’s in late April together with Jules, after that RP Con in Cologne, then maybe the German Savate championship, M’era Luna festival and at last even London in autumn. I guess I’ve never been around so much in one year before!
  10. Mori Girl @ Promod. I don’t know if they know about Mori, but some of the pieces from the current collection are just perfect! I could have bought half of the shop some days ago (if I had the money, of course)! It was a great inspiration, though, and I’ve got me a new blouse, too (just look at the tulle embroidery!).

Any thoughts?

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