Porcelain Sunday – The Great Mouse Detective



The Great Mouse Detective, also known as Basil of Baker Street, is one of my favourite Disney movies ever.

I fist watched it while in elementary school on video (yes! video!) when we borrowed it from the library on a rainy Saturday afternoon. I don’t know why it made such an impression, I only know that I kept it in mind during the years and was delighted to watch it again.

For those of you who don’t know the film yet, I can pretty much sum it up as a Sherlock Holmes adventure in a mouse’s Victorian London, solving a case of toy-maker kidnapping.

So, where’s the inspiration?, you may ask now.

Well, as for me Lolita is – at least a part of it, that is – a return to childhood and a view at eras gone by, especially that of Queen Victoria. And this is where this movie comes in very, very handy. Mainly, I have to admit, I’m inspired by the whole “classic” detective look of Basil, but I do love Dawson’s and Olivia’s clothes, too! The whole atmosphere of the film is whimsical and inspiring at the same time, mostly for some Classic Lolita (maybe some Gothic to resemble the villain, Ratigan, too).

I guess I don’t have too much to say for Porcelain Sunday when it’s about a movie as I think one needs to watch it to understand the “whole thing”, and I’m quite tired, too. So good-bye for today, sleep well, all of you!


Any thoughts?

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