Matching Monday – Baker Street

Yesterday I told you about the Disney masterpiece The Great Mouse Detective, where Sherlock Holmes is replaced by Basil of Baker Street, a mouse (Well, kind of. Actually, Basil lives beneath Sherlock’s flat). And here we go with this week’s polyvore!

When you look at the two Disney collectibles in the lower right corner, you’ll notice that I tried to use Basils colour scheme for this coordinate, plus the red of Olivia’s and Dawson’s details.

Now, where to begin? The pieces of this style are as follows:

  • A cape. One of the essentials of 19th century detective style! Best-looking and warming when they are double-breasted, a great protection against London fog and rain, especially when made of wool. Without a button line and only a ribbon to tie I guess it’s more children-like and girly.
  • An umbrella. Well, the film does start on a rainy evening! Think of Dawson when he first encounters Olivia. Plus, it’s great to hide in a crowd (therefore you’ll need an unsuspicious colour like black) and cover your face to prevent to be detected by vile villains!
  • The violin bag is to capture Basil’s as well as Sherlock’s hobby, playing this particular instrument. Sadly I couldn’t find any violin-shaped pieces of jewelery, but one could easily take a doll-house violin or viola to make one. Speaking of it, I think I’ve still got something like that back at my mother’s house…
  • A pocket watch. Every good detective needs to know the time, and I thought a fancy time-piece would remind the watcher of the – after all – playful feeling of the movie. This tea-pot-shaped watch even came from the Sherlock Holmes museum and also hints the British tea tradition.
  • The ribbon hair clips are mostly Olivia’s thing – in the movie she wears a bright red, head-eating bow. I just wanted to take this in a little less demonstrative direction but without drawing this part of the inspiration from the outfit. After all, a detective shouldn’t catch one’s eye at first sight.
  • The blouse. I wanted something Victorian-looking, something that looked a little more earnest but not too stern.
  • The skirt is double-breasted again and adds a military touch or even British school uniform. The pleating is a hint in Olivia’s direction – I couldn’t find a blue one.
  • The shoes are granny boots, once again. The red is an addition to the hair clips to keep this in continuity. Dawson even finds Olivia in an old shoe of this kind!
  • The gloves are made of leather which is obviously more resistant to wind and weather than delicate crochet or satin ones. I also wanted the look to be somewhat sensible and even masculine, so classical gloves were the right choice.
  • The scarf combines all the colours or the coordinate and again is a more masculine choice but not without the possibility of the wearer looking lady-like.
  • A detective hat. To sum it up, the second essential. I think about sewing one myself as they are quite hard to find, but a flat cap will do, too (ear flaps would be nice, though).
  • The pipe is optional, I don’t smoke and don’t want to encourage anyone (but I think you’re all old enough to know that). A  (modded) bubble pipe would be a great alternative if you really want the look!

Today there will be no second part to the feature, but I hereby promise to make a work in progress-post/ tutorial of the cape I’m planning to sew as soon as possible!

And here I leave you (it’s incredibly late again), but not without some music.


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