The Everyday Steampunk II

One of the absolute “essentials” (I’m in no way an authority at this field, so please don’t assume I’m trying to say that my opininon is somehow general. Just in case. Thank you.) of Steampunk as a fashion is the pocket watch. And I finally got myself one! Even two, to be more precisely.

The first one was from Xenos, originally meant to be on a key ring together with a lock and a lollipop emaille pendant, but I removed it and attached one of the chains I still had in my metal scraps box, together with a clip to fix it at my belt or the strap of my bag.

It may not seem very steampunky, but at least it’s a pocket watch, and a very unobstrusive one, too. I’m still thinking about modding it a little bit, maybe with some polymer clay, to have a more unique look about it.

The second watch is from Claires, meant to be a necklace, but since I changed the chain into a sturdier one and also added a clip I wear it in my pockets like the name implies.

I like the fact that it is filigree yet not too ladylike for a tomboy like me. Maybe I’ll find a brass-coloured clip one day, but until then the silver one will do. Plus, it somehow allows me to mix brass and silver jewelery alike.

And finally I finished my clock cushion project! Actually it was done some weeks ago but I had no time to take a decent picture.


Any thoughts?

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