Cherry Blossoms

Dear readers!

I’m sorry about the recent lack of the weekly features! But I’ve been feverishly lying in bed last week, only able to sleep and read for more than five minutes at the screen made my head ache. But my cold is over now, I still have to hold back a little when it comes to training, but at least I’m able to move again!
But this week there will be a Porcelain Sunday and a Matching Monday (well, that’s next week), and I hope some other posts, too. I’ve been working on two swaps recently and the deadline is coming up, so I’ll be able to show you the results quite soon!

As for the cherry blossoms, the Scoundrel gave them to me and put them into my still-wet hair when he came to pick me up from training yesterday. Today it’s been one year since we’ve found each other, and I’m still glad that it was him who found me and nobody else.


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